Fairfield County


Deputy Sheriff
for over 25 years

Chief Deputy Lape is responsible for 150 employees.
A lifelong resident of Fairfield County.
I have faithfully served the residents of Fairfield County, throughout my  uninterrupted law enforcement career , since 1993. As a 6th generation and lifelong Fairfield County resident, I have a vested interest in the place I call home. My children were raised here, my wife Sherry and I have owned and operated a business here that has remained successful for more than 25 years. I have never had any other political aspirations, only to be the next Fairfield County Sheriff. I manage my fiscal responsibilities and taxpayer funds, at the Sheriff’s Office, with a philosophy of ownership, by asking the question, “ would I spend the money if it was mine".

When I was promoted to Chief Deputy, 3 years ago, I began to systematically evaluate all contracts for outside services for measurable outcomes. I renegotiated or adjusted many of these contracts saving taxpayers large sums of money. I am a team player and regularly partner with many elected officials and department heads in the county and municipalities. These are relationships I have built over time. They rest in reliability, capability and trust. We may not always see eye to eye, but we respect each other and come to fair agreements. We have created meaningful programs and services through use of grant funding and little cost. As you can see, I have a philosophy of continuous improvement…not delayed perfection. There will always be issues and challenges that we will face. Through planning and partnership we will overcome. Going forward, I plan to continue this philosophy of constant evaluation and improvement based upon the changing needs of our community.
Some of the programs that I have participated in creating or have created are:

Improved Radio system for all law enforcement in Fairfield County. This was a huge officer safety problem.

School Resource Officer expansion. I created a “Summer Team” program that was very successful. Our SRO’s are great deputies who provide safety to our children in county schools. We partnered with Juvenile Court, Probation and Parks and Recreation. Our Deputies now spend the summertime mentoring and leading county youth in various activities.

Provide ALICE training and conduct safety exercises to all county schools. Also provide Church security training for any interested churches.

Partnered with the Commissioners Office, Courts, ADAMH, for the Sheriff’s Office to facilitate cognitive behavioral therapy programs, substance abuse counseling, mental Health and substance abuse services in the jail.
All with funding provided through the targeted community alternatives to prison grant (TCAP). These programs are above and beyond the State minimum requirements for jails.

Co-created Reentry coordinator position for post release assistance that has been very successful in linking individuals
to available services and follow up treatment.

Adjusted the Food service for the jail at a substantial savings.

Adjusted the jail medical contracts for medical services to 24/7 on duty nursing and physician services at a great savings in cost.

Provided a body scanner in the jail improving officer/inmate safety.

Added Corrections Officers to jail staffing. Providing jobs and saving costs.

I Foster an atmosphere of leadership and ownership within the Sheriff’s Office. Provide leadership training. Employee’s, collectively, created their own set of core values which we use in our personal and professional lives daily.

I will Continue to partner with the community, to provide law enforcement services based upon needs and trends.

These are only some of the accomplishments in the last few years. I intend to continue to improve the Sheriff’s Office operations into the future as needs and challenges present. A recent survey conducted revealed that 90% of Fairfield County Residents are very satisfied or satisfied with the services the Sheriff’s office provides. My personal goal is, with experience, professionalism and integrity, to capture the remaining 10%.

The Ohio Revised Code requires that the elected Sheriff of any Ohio county provides 3 things, each required by law and equally important.

1) Police Services to the unincorporated area of the county,
2)Service and processing of writs for the courts,
3)The requirement to operate a jail.

I am the only candidate with  experience in the operation of a Full Service jail. Jail operations require almost half our operating budget, half of our employee base and is the greatest liability. A high level of experience and knowledge is necessary.  The choice is clear. I have the experience Fairfield County needs.

I look forward to continuing to serve Fairfield County as your next Sheriff.

Alex Lape